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Friday, November 6   (The EDLIS elves have been busy!)

Bob Dylan and Michael Bolton co-write "Steel Bars"
I'm sorry but did I hear you right? With Michael Bolton?
You're having me on, surely?

Fake Poster, February 13, 1966
Some time ago a group of enterprising individuals
thought it a good idea to create a mock poster
advertising a made-up concert starring many famous
and marketable artists on the same bill.

Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts - Live 1976
Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performed "Lily, Rosemary & the Jack
of Hearts" live in Salt Lake City in 1976. This is the only
known live performance. The lack of a circulating recording
leads some to doubt this ever happened. Joel Bernstein, the guitar
technician on that Rolling Thunder tour, gives his personal account.

Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts - Screenplay
The storyline of "Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Heats"
would appear to lend itself quite well to adaption into a
play. This is not a new thought....

Flagging Down the Double Es
Say what?

Saturday, May 16

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
So exactly what is the meaning of the title?


Friday, September 5

Reissue Of Biograph And The Bootleg Series, Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased)
On August 19, 1997 Sony released remastered versions of Biograph
and The Bootleg Series, Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased).
Both were remastered using Sony's SBM 20-bit technology.
While sound quality is improved, the upgrade in sound quality
varies from track to track. By accident or design the remastering
of Biograph resulted in a handful song variations and substutions
from the original.

And bunch of short TWICEs (some a little wacky) were added:

Stage Dive At Beacon Theater?
Draft Status
French Introduction In Houston (November 12, 1981)
Joyce Carol Oats Dedication Of Short Story To Dylan
Fan Stomps Mother To Death To The Tune Of One More Cup Of Coffee
Does Silvio Refer To Cuban Poet/Songwriter Silvio Rodriguez?
Under The Red Sky Liner Notes Offer


Monday, August 25

African American Culture and Bob Dylan: Why He Matters
This is an eloquent piece by Robert Chapman, originally posted on
soc.culture.african.american, explaining what Bob Dylan has to do with
African American culture.


Sunday, August 17

EDLIS Things Twice Top Ten Bootlegs List
Here is the preliminary EDLIS Things Twice Top Ten Bootlegs List,
including the lists of individual respondents. Not surprisingly
Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix was numero uno!

Repetitively Released Song Versions was substantially revised, with UK releases now included.


Saturday, June 14

Booing of Dylan by folkies in 1965
This thread was prompted by the question: Is Griel Marcus correct in contending
in the Invisible Republic that Dylan's being booed in Newport, England and elsewhere
in 1965 was related to his selling out the folk/civil rights movement by
turning the attention on himself versus the collective good?

Ethics of bootlegs
A link was added to Clinton Heylin's open letter to tape collectors.


Wednesday, May 28

Dylan hospitalized with histoplasmosis


Friday, May 23

Little Sussie Shallow Throat
The pirate/bootleg Hard To Find includes Little Sussie Shallow Throat
as a final track. This offensive song, written and performed by
David Allen Coe, has no apparent Dylan content. Why it was included on
Hard To Find is anybody's guess.

Friday, May 16

Call for Vote to Establish
Text of offical announcement of call to vote to establish an unmoderated
newsgroup for the Wallflowers (,
located at Jani Patokallio's UseNet Volunteer Votetakers page


Monday, May 12

Ten of Swords
Ten of Swords is a ten-album set of Dylan material from 1961-1966.
Released in the summer of 1985, shortly before the release
of Biograph later that autumn, several rock journalists
declared Ten of Swords to be the more important release.

Collected here are a 1986 Rolling Stone article which prompted a hostile
reaction from Columbia, an excerpt from Clinton Heylin's book "Bootleg"
and the track list and recording information, among other things.

Saturday, April 19

Ron's EDLIS Dylan Bibliography, Ed Ricardo's homepage
and Miss Information's page have all been outed.

Repetitively Released Song Versions
Many songs have been released three or four times on different official Dylan albums.
These songs are listed here.

Monday, February 17

Unplugged, Dylan's MTV Unplugged appearance
Among things collected here are the setlists, Jon Pareles' rave
New York Times review of Dylan's Sony Unplugged CD, posts regarding
the canned audience noise added to Knockin' On Heaven's Door on the
European release and comments on the various Dylan Unplugged releases.

Japan Turns Blind Eye To Bootleg Industry
An article in the Asahi Evening News, December 15, 1996 by Matthew Zuckerman.

Cancelling articles posted to or HYW61-L
Information prepared by Ben Taylor on cancelling errant posts to or HYW61-L, nuking articles in the Deja News
archives and related matters.

Saturday, February 15

Tokyo International Forum shows (February 1997)
Matthew Zuckerman's review (complied by him from his posts to of Dylan's February 1997 shows at the
Tokyo International Forum.

Thursday, February 6

Queen Jane
An approximate history of, and a contempory fix on, Queen Jane.

Saturday, February 1

Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan
This complilation consists almost entirely of an almost 30-year
old article by Frank Davey comparing the song writing visions
of Dylan and Cohen titled "Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan: Poetry
and the Popular Song."

Friday, January 31

Check out the newly unveiled "EDLIS FILE - The Myths and Legends
of Bob Dylan"

EDLIS Search Engine
The EDLIS Search Engine has been installed on the Things Twice
Search Page. Currently, it only searches the Things Twice site.

Wednesday, January 22

Guitars Kissing
The variants (listed in the EDLIS rough notes) have been updated.

John Wesley Harding Cover
Rumour has it that you can see the Beatles' faces on
the cover of John Wesley Harding LP.

Wednesday, January 15

Moon Pie
It was asked: Ummmm, buy a moon pie today! Uuuuh, I know
what mooning is, and I know what a cow pie is, but moon pie
is a term new to me. Definition please?

Sunday, January 12

Frequently Unanswered Questions for
The Frequently Unanswered Questions file for consists
of longstanding questions that no one reading has
had the knowledge to answer. We'll be starting a FUQ contest soon,
so you may want to get a head start with the questions!

Richard Batey's Web J-Card site has taken up residence at
The interactive version done with some Perl scripting by
Joe Cliburn is at
Speaking of Joe, he's been playing around on the Sunset Strip at

Monday, January 6

Dunblane Against Guns
Information on the charity Dunblane CD with the added verse to Knockin'
On Heaven's Door. E-mail ordering information is provided for folks
outside the U.K.

Saturday, January 4

Masterpieces was substantially revised.


Friday, December 13

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hats re-Revisited
An article offering some background and thoughts on leopard-skin and pill-box hats.

Thursday, November 28

Space Travel jazzed up with images and links.

Saturday, November 23

Images and links added to Advertising and EDLIS Advice pages among others.
An "advertisement" for Joe Cliburn's Who Has Which Boot EDLIS agency added.

Sunday, November 10

"Flakes", a song on Frank Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti album, contains a Dylan
parody, with guitarist Adrian Belew doing the Dylan "voice". Zappa asks in
the background, "Wanna buy some Mandys, Bob?"

"Moonshine" is a dance choreographed by Christopher Bruce, set to early
Dylan songs. The stage production was filmed and has been shown in
many countries.

Escaping On The Run
"Escaping On The Run" is the title of the Moonlight Records bootleg
(Volumes 1 & 2 (2 CDs each) ML 9638-9641, 1996) of the two Vredenburg,
Utrecht shows (June 20-21, 1996). These are the first released albums of
the '96 shows. Also notable is Dylan's introduction of Lambchop.
(And, who is Lambchop?)


Sunday, November 3

Nobel Prize nomination
A week before the winner of 1996 Nobel Prize for Literature was announced,
there was much excitement when it was learned that Dylan had been
nominated. The excitement turned out to be premature since the nomination
came too late for consideration in 1996. In fact, successful nominations
are typically years in the making. The formal nomination was made by
Gordon Ball, a VMI professor, after receiving a letter from the late
John Bauldie and Allen Ginsberg. Some have questioned whether the Nobel
committee would ever award the Literature Prize to a "song and dance" man.
Indeed, in 1986 Dylan himself, ever prescient, allowed that he wasn't
going to be a rock and roll singer Nobel laurate.


Saturday, November 2

EDLIS - Advice, Policies and Training
For an anarchistic organization dedicated to subverting Sony Music, EDLIS
offers a surprising amount of advice on diverse subjects, ranging from
concert etiquette, to trading one's wife for uncirculating tapes and
sisterly discretion. While there's much talk about EDLIS training camps,
very little is known about the training regime itself.


Thursday, October 31

Dylan references in American Pie
American Pie is generally regarded as a tribute to Buddy Holly and
a commentary on how rock and roll changed in the years since his death.
There are thought to be several Dylan references in the song. Each line
in the song has been extensively analyzed. Some would say too much so.


Sunday, October 27

John Bauldie
Upon learning of the tragic loss of John Bauldie in a helicopter crash,
many of his friends on wrote to express their sense of
sadness and to share their memories of him. These posts are collected here.

Ethics of bootlegs
Are bootlegs ethical? Nope.
The EDLIS Who Has Which Boot Agency exists to help you avoid sacrificing
your ethics in this den of thieves. It also functions as a self help
group where you can talk with people have sunk even lower than you.
Others will take bootlegs off your hands to assuage your guilt.

Homosexual content of Ballad Of A Thin Man
While there is some agreement on who Mr. Jones (the central figure of the
Ballad Of A Thin Man) represents, the homosexual content of the song is
much debated.


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