Under The Red Sky Liner Notes

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Originally compiled: August 31, 1997
Last revised: September 20, 1997
Has anybody ever received the Under The Red Sky liner notes?

From: florida.oranges@edlis.org (F. Oranges)
Subject: Under the Red Sky Notes
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996

Rob Davidson (robertgd@omni.cc.purdue.edu) writes:

On the credits page of the book for the Red Sky cd, at the bottom of the page, is this note: "Entertainment Connections has secured a limited edition of notes by the artist to the songs that appear on the album..."

Then they give you an address to write if you want to get (buy?) them.

Question: has anyone out there procured Dylan's notes to Red Sky? Do they shed any light on any of the songs? Are they worth getting? Still available?

No one to my knowledge has ever reported receiving these 'limited' notes. My opinion is Dylan, aware of the probable harsh critical reception his masterpiece might receive, was collecting a list of devoted listeners to send Holiday greetings in future, but never got around to picking out cards.

-fo (patient as a mockingbird, waiting for a new song to learn & sing)

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