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Bob Dylan and Michael Bolton co-write "Steel Bars"

I'm sorry but did I hear you right? With Michael Bolton? You're having me on, surely? Okay, let's say just for one second that you're telling the truth.. how did this come about?

Originally compiled: October 24, 1998
Last revised: October 24, 1998

Subject: Working with Bob
From:  Olof Bj|rner (
Date: 16 May 91

Michael Bolton:

"We're planning on writing some more songs together. He's kind of hungry to get back out there and wants to work with a few contemporary hit song writers. Someone who works with Dylan called me up and said 'Bob Dylan would like to write with you'. I was awed. I told him, 'I don't even know how I could write a lyric when working with you ... I'm too intimidated'. But then we started messing around with some chords and wrote Steel Bars, a song about obsession. It took us two sessions to write, and when I left, I was told, 'Bob likes you and he wants you to come back'.

Hungry to get back out there?? Huh? Is Bolton under the impression that Dylan is still recovering from the motorcycle accident?

Olof Bjorner -

Released on "Time, Love & Tenderness" by Michael Bolton, 1991 (Columbia, CK 46771)

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