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Mr. Lutefisk asked: Ummmm, buy a moon pie today!
Uuuuh, I know what mooning is, and I know what a cow pie is,
but moon pie is a term new to me. Definition please?

Originally compiled: January 15, 1997
Last revised: January 15, 1997

Subject: Moon Pie
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 17:33:28 -0500

Catherine Yronwode wrote (in answer to Craig Jamieson's Moon Pie query):

Two wheat-starch-based chocolate-flavored cookies with a layer of low-fat vanilloid ice-milk between them, the whole wrapped in plastic, which is discarded before ingestion.

Close, but the "cookies" are more cake-like and chocolate-covered, not flavored (the are vanilla flavored). The filling is marshmallow. There is also a banana-covered variety, for dilletants. Usually spoken of in combination with cola beverage, "RC and a Moon Pie."


From: Tricia Jungwirth (
Subject: Moon Pie
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 14:05:25 +1100

MOE wrote:

'Round these parts, a moon pie is a circular snack about the size of a bagel and consisting of a marshmallow interior surrounded by graham cracker-like bits, with the whole thing covered in chocolate. Do you have something akin to this in the UK?

Down here in the Great South Land we have 'Wagon Wheels' (with a splash of raspberry jam in there as well).


From: Richard Batey (
Subject: Re: Moon Pie/Self-Portrait & Korean Dylan release (Sony)
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 19:55:14

This being the Web, you can find links to just about anything; so click over to the moonpie Website: and look at the animated moonpie, check the history of the moonpie, the recipes which omit my favorite way to eat a moonpie - what I call the Mayan moonpie. Delicately separate the moonpie halves (top to bottom by circling the pie with a sharp knife) and add chopped, pickled habanero peppers into the marshmallow layer. Close the pie, sit up straight and enjoy!

I find Self-Portrait good to listen to while enjoying moonpies, but I use the CD format so as not to mess up the lps (got my 2nd set of SP lps today, used, mint-)! For the Mayan moonpie, let me recommend Desire's "Romance In Durango" or Street Legal's "Baby Stop Crying" or "Senor." Find your own favorites.

Back to the used lps I got today-- any of you seen the CBS/Sony Dylan album from Korea (KJPL-0143 [40AP-465])? On the front cover of this 12 inch disk is an 8.5 inch wide gold border (2 inches thick) on a white background surrounding a head shot of Dylan, turbaned from RTR days. Very attractive, good design. On the back cover is another 8.5 box containing the tracks in the left column, middle column has a photo (4.25x8.25 inches) of Dylan standing beneath a cross (the photo in the GBS1 booklet). Tracks are: LARS, AATW, Love Minus Zero/No Limit, I Want You, One More Cup Of Coffee, New Morning, HWY61R, Mozambique, Don't Think 2x, It Ain't Me Babe, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, My Back Pages, If Not For You, You Ain't Going Nowhere, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Knockin' On Heaven's Door. This lp is "manufactured by JGU Records Corporation. Reg. No 1 Ministry of Culture and Public Information Passed Deliberation by K.E.C.P.P. Printed in Korea copyright 1977."

What other foreign releases of Dylan from CBS and/or Sony have covers different from those released in the US? The UK release of Bob Dylan Greatest Hits has an excellent cover (head & shoulders holding a book, similar to the photo used as the background of the galleries at Web J-cards - ). Do the larger foreign cities have used lp stores? I'd sure be checking them out (if I was there) as these foreign releases with different covers would be great for trades or keeping! These covers sound like the making of a new wing at the Web j-cards site. :-)

I don't know how this moonpie thread got started, I don't know what you're doing with your life. Me, I'm just on the road looking for more foreign covers.


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From: Tricia Jungwirth (
Subject: Moon Pie/Self-Portrait & Korean Dylan release (Sony)
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:09:43 +1100

Ay ay ay! or something... the traditional way to eat Wagon Wheels (Oz version of Moonpies) is to separate the two halves, then remove all filling and chocolate from both sides without biting or breaking the biscuit - this means licking only! This is usually a group or pair activity, though not quite a competition... popular with children of all ages, especially us older kids of a lighthearted nature and considerable experience of dealing with 'munchies'...

Self-Portrait would also be appropriate listening while consuming Wagon Wheels after this fashion (the double discs being symbolic, of course), but Greates Hits II also would be fitting - the double discs again, plus it begins with 'Watching The River Flow', continuing through 'Don't Think TWICE', er, 'Lay, Lady, Lay' and ends of course with... 'Down In The Flood'... If you're a quick licker, perhaps 'All Over You' would be sufficient...

(Foreign releases, Richard - you know of course that there's been TWO Greatest Hits Vol. III released in Australia - three if you count the CD+ version of the SECOND GHIII)


From: Bob Stacy (
Subject: Christiania
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 22:09:33 -0500

Moe wrote:

.... must be listening to Christiania with earmuffs on or else a drug store budget tape recorded at extremely low levels on a 70's vintage tape deck. :-)

And what could be the matter with that? For years similar techniques have been used by "critical" listeners to enjoy Dylan's music and to determine exact wording of between-song patter. No wonder so many differing opinions. Experience indicates listening is best when the tape machine has a plug-in for the snazzy state-of-the-art Walkman headphones. Anything more expensive, and money is wasted, right? Please be advised when connected to an older model tape deck, you can't be a walk person. However, shuffle dancing in place is possible (sort of). In southern environs of the USA, earmuffs are generally discarded during the warmer summer months.

Oh btw - this afficionado rather enjoys Moon Pies served straight up. No rasberry jam, no habanero peppers. Not even an RC Cola chaser. But I did see a recipe once that called for using onion gook. Eeeuuuwhh!!!

-Bob Stacy

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