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PLEASE NOTE! These shows are NOT for sale; they are for trade ONLY.

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Woodstock 1968 by Elliott Landy

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The main goal of the EDLIS - Tape Boot Agency is to help people like yourself find copies (analog tape or DAT tape or CD-R) of live Bob Dylan shows that you have failed to find from your usual sources and from e-mailing likely new sources.

The EDLIS - Tape Boot Agency is not your first port of call, but it will go to great lengths to find anything circulating which you cannot find easily with your present resources and contacts.


In order for us to do this we need input from yourself and others to make this Agency work (in other words: we need your tape lists so we can help others like yourself find the show(s) that they are looking for and vice-versa; so we can find the show(s) you are looking for. Your list will be in a private file that only the EDLIS - Tape Boot Agency will have access to.

When a request is made to the Agency, an Agent will look through the files and other leads and try to find the show(s) that you are looking for. PLEASE NOTE! It may take a while to find the specific show(s) you are looking for; so please be patient. It is very important that everyone sends their list to us - that way it makes our job easier and the search for your "desires" less time consuming.

Your first step in looking for a tape is to try likely e-mail addresses on rec.music.dylan, or, search the archives (For example, anyone posting on a number of shows in 1978 probably has tapes of 1978 shows).

When submitting your request to the EDLIS - Tape Agency please list five likely e-mail addresses you have tried and failed to get this tape from. That way we do not go over the same ground as you did already.

It would be rude to ask the Agency for a tape trading source if you cannot be bothered to try obvious sources yourself first. But for any circulating tape you cannot find, tell the agency what you have tried, and we will do what we can to solve those pesky hard to find trades.


  1. Please send lists as a plain ASCII file through e-mail (NO attachments please - they sometimes do not get decoded and this makes a lot more work for us).
  2. State whether you have analog cassette tape or DAT tape or CD-R.
  3. Please tell us if you are willing to help out newbies (par for par blanks for shows), trade for blanks (2:1 etc.), or, no trades for blanks.


  1. The prefered choice/brand of analog tape traders seems to be: Maxell XLII or equivilant - IEC Type II -High Bias tapes.

  2. The analog tape Dolby/No Dolby debate is one of personal choice (PLEASE NOTE whatever you feel the proper noise reduction methods are for your personal taste may not be the same for others). Make sure you tell your trading partner if you would like Dolby/No Dolby and respect their wishes regarding this issue also.
  3. It is best if you record analog tapes from a system that allows you to manipulate the recording levels (two separate tape decks, or, some of the newer, more expensive models of double tape decks have dual recording decks and you can manipulate the recording levels on these). The problem with "ghetto blasters", "boom-boxes", etc. is that they often have pre-set recording levels that may be very low or high. Therefore reducing the sound quality; depending on the original level of the tape you are copying. They also tend to tape with Dolby.

Thank You for visting the EDLIS - Tape Boot Agency Page!!! We hope that we can be of some service!!!


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