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Jamieson, R.C.  
The Perfection of Wisdom  
London : Frances Lincoln, 2000  
ISBN 0711215103 (New York : Penguin Viking,  ISBN 0670889342)
Also Available:
Jamieson, R.C.
A Study of Nagarjuna's Twenty Verses on the Great Vehicle (Mahayanavimsika) and his Verses on the Heart of Dependent Origination (Pratityasamutpadahrdayakarika).
(Toronto studies in religion ; vol. 15)
New York : Peter Lang, March 2000
ISBN 0820418994
Jamieson, R.C.
Nagarjuna's Verses on the Great Vehicle
and the Heart of Dependent Origination
New Delhi : D.K. Printworld, 2001
ISBN 8124601755
Jamieson, R. C.
De Vervolmaking van de Wijsheid
Baarn, Netherlands : Uitgeverij ten Have, 2001
ISBN: 9025951805
Saddharmapundarikasutram : Sanskrit Lotus Sutra manuscripts from Cambridge University Library (Add. 1682 and Add. 1683) : facsimile edition / R.C. Jamieson et al.
Tokyo : Soka Gakkai, 2002
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