Things Twice

Vinyl in print

compiled: March 1, 1999
Freewheelin' -- Simply Vinyl (180-gram vinyl, single-disk)
Freewheelin' -- Classic Records (two-LP set, the first containing the original withdrawn running order
   and the second  containing the standard running order.  Both in stereo and come from first generation LP masters.
   Now due in "May or July" but  very iffy, IMO.)
The Times They Are A-Changin' -- Simply Vinyl (180-gram vinyl, lacks insert liner notes)
Bringing It All Back Home -- Simply Vinyl (180-gram vinyl)
Highway 61 Revisited -- Absolute Analogue (180-gram vinyl)
Blonde On Blonde -- Columbia/Sony of the Netherlands (unconfirmed)
Blonde On Blonde -- Simply Vinyl (180-gram vinyl, two-LP set, due soon)
Bob Dylan Live 1966 "Albert Hall" -- Classic Records (expected in March)
John Wesley Harding -- Simply Vinyl (180-gram vinyl)
Nashville Skyline -- Simply Vinyl (180-gram vinyl)
Blood On the Tracks -- Absolute Analogue (180-gram vinyl)
Desire -- Columbia/Sony of the Netherlands (unconfirmed)
Time Out of Mind -- Columbia U.S. (digital from the CD masters)

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