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From: (Michael Stern)
Subject: The passport on the back cover of Bootleg
Date: 14 Apr 91 17:09:16 GMT

Am I mad, or does the passport on the back cover of the Bootleg Series booklet show Dylan's birthday as May 11, 1941? Every other source I've ever seen lists him as having been born on May 24th. Yet this is a legal document, and would seem to take precedence.

What's going on here?


From: (W. Vuijk)
Subject: May 24 or 25
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 18:59:31 GMT

I know it's a bit early for this (about a month) and it's not really important, but does anyone know the exact date of Bob's birthday. I always thought it was May 24, but the booklet cover of The Bootleg Series clearly shows a passport owned by Robert Dylan, and the birth date of the owner is stated as May 25. Maybe this problem has been discussed when The Bootleg Series was released, but I have forgotten the outcome, if any.

Wim Vuijk

Subject: Bob's Birthday
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1993 00:59:26 GMT


As for Bob's birth date, it is certainly May 24. So it says on his birth certificate. As for the Bootleg Series passport.....don't believe it for a moment. It's gotta be a joke. Did you notice his height ? It's given as 5'10" (from memory). Bob has never been 5'10" !!!! Even on a ladder....

Someon'e idea of a joke. i feel.


From: (Adam K. Powers)
Subject: Bob's birthday
Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 19:14:11 GMT

Most sources say May 24th (1941), I think.

There is, however, a photograph on the cover of the booklet enclosed in the _Bootleg Series, Volumes 1-3_ package (the photo is from 1978, I believe, on the train from Nuremburg to Paris, I think). This photograph gives us a closeup shot of Dylan's passport, which lists his date of birth as May 11th, 1941.

-Adam K. Powers

From: Tom Thoeni
Subject: BD's birthday
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 18:29:18 GMT

I have been interested in seeing the discussion of Dylan's birthday of late. This has brought up a question I ruminate on every now and then. I wasn't on the group when the Bootleg Series first appeared so this may have already been discussed but....The booklet in the box has a table scene picture on the cover. The back cover shows Dylan's supposed Passport. The birthdate is recorded as May 11, 1941. What's up with that. I find it interesting for I am not all that sure that so much effort would be made to make a mock-up of a Passport for the cover since moct of Dylan's cover are not that workintensive. Besides if they did make a mock-up wouldn't they have gotten the birthdate right? I also find it hard to believe that Dylan would allow his Passport to be photographed as he is such a private person. Any comments? Is this a conspiracy? How many photgraphers were there? More than one? How many photos were taken? Three? Four? And how can the fated photographed have remained so pristine? You have to forgive me...I have been inundated with JFK stuff for the past week or so.

Tom Thoeni
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From: ( Nate Smith)
Subject: Re: Dylan's Birth
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 14:05:15 GMT

if i may, i'd like to pass on an implied request. although i, myself, dont subscribe to the astrology thing, i was wondering if the group here knew the time of day of Bob's birth.

and was it in Duluth, Minnesota? And was it really the 24th of May or could it have been the 11th as shown on that passport?

the time of day should be to the minute, in order to establish Rising Sign and all that other harky. the place also factors in strongly.

true skeptics might also need to know what compass heading the birth had so that the sign of the nearest gravitational body, the obstretician, can be determined. :-)

- nate

From: (BooWilbury)
Subject: Bob's Height-Answered
Date: 17 Feb 1995 02:10:39 -0500

I'm not sure who asked, or even why.

But, the bootleg series 1-3 came with a booklet, and on this booklet had a picture of a 1974 passport (or something). and it said Bob was 5' 11''.

So, Bob (or should I say Mr. Dylan?) claims to be 5' 11'' so he MUST be 5' 11'' right!?

(and I'm sure none of you never lie on your driver's licence application)

Do I get a prize?


From: kyle <70004.3615@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re: Bob's Height-Answered
Date: 18 Feb 1995 02:52:54 GMT

I met Bob Dylan one time and we were about the same hight, he may have been a bit taller. I am 5'10" so I would say 5'11" is probably correct.

useless info you may use

From: (Robin A Morris)
Subject: Bob's Height-Answered
Date: 20 Feb 1995 04:40:34 GMT

Then Boo--maybe you can explain why that passport lists his birthdate as May 11, when everywhere else says it's May 24. Maybe it's just a FAKE the record company put there for the hell of it!

I believe the guy who says Dylan's only 5'4" myself--I prefer short men (especially when they're geniuses).

		*	*	*

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From: vic flick
Subject: Re: Bob's Height
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 20:14:52 GMT

In article <3hakse$> Craig Jamieson, writes:
>keg117 ( wrote:
>: I just read a quote and in it Bob Dylan says he is 5'10".  I can't
>: remember where the quote is from but I'll try to find it for
>This may be slow but it is the way to establish facts. The only
>thing we can be certain of is that he is not any height he says he 
>is. So not 5'10", not 5'11" of the passport...
i don't rightly recollect the man's stature but i'm sure everything will be ok once i decide whether he is the world's tallest midget or the world's smallest giant.
From: ({Identity in flux})
Subject: Dylan's b-day?
Date: 9 Oct 1994 05:37:39 GMT

Robin A Morris ( wrote:
: I recently noticed that on the back of the booklet included in the 
: Bootleg set there's a photo of what appears to be a passport.  In what 
: seems to be the place for his birthdate it say May 11, 1941.  Now I have 
: always heard that his b-day was May 24.  (That's what Scaduto's book says 
: it is and what most radio dj's celebrate it on.)  Can anyone explain this 
: discrepency?  I will be very shocked if he's not a Gemini since he fits 
: that profile so closely.

: Robin  
Haven't we already decided on the explanation to this? It's quite obvious that there are/were two Bob Dylans. The first one died in some motorcycle accident and was replaced by an infinitely more talented singer. This has to be true; there is no other explanation for his sudden ability to sing so well in 1967.

Maybe they thought that Dylan was going to be big someday... Whatever the reason they didn't/couldn't match up the birthdays too well.


- i haven't decided who 'they' will be. i welcome input but it has to be factual.

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