The cost of the Dunblane CD is US$5.59 plus US$2.48 postage, making a total of US$8.07.

If you would like to order a CD please send an e-mail to Dunblane Against Guns at


with your postal address, and, by ordinary air-mail, a check for US$8.07 to the address below.

When you e-mail Dunblane Against Guns, make up a reference name or number (anything you like) and when you send the check, write that reference on a bit of paper with it so they can make sure that the right people get the CD at the right time.

As soon as Dunblane Against Guns receives the check, they will send the CD to you by air-mail.

Please make the check out to "UKAN" or, "United Kingdom Ad Net Company".

Dunblane Against Guns' address is

c/o United Kingdom Ad Net Company,
Malt House Office
Warwick CV35 9EW

All profits received by Dunblane Against Guns from the record are divided between 3 children's charities.

With Best Wishes,

Angus Fairfax (dir. UK Ad Net Co.) for and on behalf of Dunblane Against Guns