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Jerry Maguire Version Of Shelter From The Storm

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Originally compiled: August 31, 1997
Last revised: August 31, 1997
The soundtrack of Jerry Maguire includes which version of Shelter From The Storm?
Subject: SftS - Jerry Maguire
Date: 1997/08/09

The version of Shelter from the Storm in Jerry Maguire is from Sept 17, 1974, during the NYC Blood on the Tracks sessions. It is probably the first take. The bass guitar track was not used (bassist hadn't learned his part very well yet). Also circulating from this session are You're A Big Girl Now (Biograph) and Shelter from the Storm and You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (both from Blood on the Tracks).

Subject: Best of Bob Dylan
From: Alan Fraser (
Date: 1997/06/06

All the tracks have been 20-bit digitally remastered, and the catalogue number is Columbia SONYTV28CD. The selection of tracks has caused some comment - there are no previously unreleased recordings, but the CD does have the Jerry Maguire version of "Shelter From The Storm".

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