The Genuine Bootleg
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Things Twice

The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2, a 3-CD set released in August 1996,
is Scorpio's follow up to its 1994 3-CD release, The Genuine Bootleg Series.
Neither should be confused with Sony's 1991 release, The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1-3.
Take 2 includes a dozen or so previously uncirculating performances
and many with improved sound. Collected here are the track list,
several reviews, including John Howells', and some odds and ends.

Originally compiled: October 20, 1996
Last Revised: November 28, 1996

Subject: Bootleg Series Take 2
From: Lester VanEpps (lesvan@INGRESS.COM)
Date: 1996/08/24

Bob Dylan: The Genuine Bootleg Series: Take 2 - has been released.

Disc One:

The Two Sisters - Karen Wallace s Apertment - May 1960)
Lang A-Growin  - Carnegie Recital Hall - NY - April 11, 1961
Corrina, Corrina - Columbia Studios - NY - April 24-25, 1962
That s Alright Mama - Columbia Studios - NY - November 14, 1962
Hero Blues - Columbia Studios - NY - December 6, 1962
Long Time Gone - Witmark Music Demo - NY
Lay Down Your Weary Tune - Carnegie Hall - NY - October 26, 1963
Guess I m Doing Fine - Witmark Music Demo - NY
Mr. Tambourine Man I - Columbia Studios - NY - June 9, 1964
Mr. Tambourine Man II - Newport Folk Festival - RI - July 26, 1964
It s All Over Now, Baby Blue - Columbia Studios - NY - January 13, 1965
Lunatic Princess Revisited - Columbia Studios - NY - June 16, 1965
I Don t Wanna Be Your Partner - Columbia Studios - NY - October 20, 1965
Freeze Out - Columbia Studios - NY - November 20, 1965
Does She Need Me I & II - Glasgow Hotel Room - May 19, 1966
Like A Rolling Stone - Royal Albert Hall - May 27, 1966

Disc Two:

I'm Not There - Basement Tapes - Sugerties, NY - Summer 1967
Lang A-Growin  - Basement Tapes - Sugarties, NY - Summer 1967
Banks Of The Royal Canal - Basement Tapes - Sugerties, NY - Summer 1967
Silent Weekend - Basement Tapes - Sugerties, NY - Summer 1967
Wild Mountain Thyme - Isle Of Wight, U.K. - August 31, 1967
Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Columbia Studios - NY - June 1970
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - Columbia Studios - NY - June 1970
George Jackson - Blue Rock Studios - NY - November 4, 1971
Goodbye Holly - CBS Mexico City Studios - Mexico City - January 1973
House Of The Rising Sun - Village Recorder Studios - LA - November 2, 1973
Nobody  Cept You - Village Recorder Studios - LA - November 2, 1973
Tangled Up In Blue - A&R Studios - NY - September 16, 1974
Abandoned Love - Other End Club - NY - July 3, 1975
People Get Ready - S.I.R. Rehearsals - NY - October 1975
The Water Is Wide - Shangri-La Studios - Malibu - March 30, 1976
Reposession Blues - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - February 1, 1978
If You See Her Say Hello - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - January 30, 1978
Stop Now II - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - May 2, 1978
Coming From The Heart - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - May 2, 1978

Disc Three:

Ain't Gonna Go To Hell - Massey Hall - Toronto - April 20, 1980
Coverdown, Breakthrough - Massey Hall - Toronto - April 19, 1980
The Groom s Still Waiting At The Altar - SF - November 15, 1980
Magic - Clover Recorder Studios - LA - April 1981
Heart Of Mine - Clover Recorder Studios - LA - April 1981
Nadine - Lone Star Cafi - NY - February 16, 1983
We Three - Malibu - March 1984
The Dawn Is Gonna Shine (Almost Gone I) - Beverly Theatre - LA - May 23, 1984
Almost Gone II - Arena Di Verona - Italy - May 27, 1984
Freedom For The Stallion - Oceanway, LA - November 1984
Something s Burning Baby - Cherokee Studios - LA - November 1984
To Fall In Love With You - Townhouse Studios - London - August 27-28, 1986
Got Love If You Want It - Sunset Sound - LA - April 1987
Don t Keep Me Waiting Too Long - Club Front, San Rafeal - May 1987
Broken Days - Studio On The Move - New Orleans - March 1989
Born In Time - Studio On The Move - New Orleans - March 1989
Most Of The Time - Culver City Studios - California - March 2, 1990
Series Of Dreams - Wolf Trap, Vienna, Virginia - September 8, 1993

From: Bob Stacy (bstacy@USIT.NET)
Subject: Bootleg Series Take 2
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 01:19:23 -0400

Had a chance to listen to some tracks from The Genuine Bootleg Series - Take 2 today. Or - I should say only to disc 1 of the 3CD set. Still too busy catching up with the early 60's to go any further into it just yet. Besides, we'll leave it to Moe or somebody else to work up a more thorough review. However, a few of the disc 1 tracks did catch my attention:

Track 1 - The Two Sisters:
Listed as "recorded at Karen Wallace's appartment, St. Paul, Minnesota, May 1960." This song already circulates. I'm not well-versed on this tape, but the song appears here in good to very good quality considering its source. It's only a bit over 2-mins in length and seems to be faded out at the end (come on you authorities, are we being cheated on this one?). It should be noted that the young singer has a great 'Nashville Skyline' voice.

Track 10 - Mr Tambourine Man II:
This is listed as "recorded at the Newport Folk Festival, Rhode Island, 26 July 1964." A great full-length (7:10) version complete with harmonica intro. It's performed with much greater conviction than the unsure (draggy?) studio working done with Jack Elliott some six weeks earlier (btw - that one is Mr TMan I on this disc). The Newport Mr TMan is in the same great quality as All I Really Want to Do ('64 Newport) which appeared on The Emmett Grogan Acetates CD some time ago. Dylan performs this song as a 'request from one of you.'

Track 12 - Lunatic Princess Revisited:
Listed as "recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 16 June 1965." I'm not sure if that date is correct since Krogsgaard's recent Recording Sessions work shows all takes of From a Buick Six (alt. title: Lunatic Princess No. 3) were done on 30 July 1965. However, this track is a very short riff (approx 1:13) which shows little resemblance at all to the full versions of FaBSix. Sound is great quality, and Dylan's delivery is quite acidic. Unfortunately, there's just not much of it, but here's what one lazy listener catches (please help if you will):

Why should you have to be so frantic?
You always wanted to live in the past.
Now all you should be so ???atic,
You finally got your wish at last.

You used to be - oh so modest,
With your arm around your cigarette machine.
Now you lost it all, I see.
And all you got is,
Your two-dollar bill,
And your hat full of gasoline.

Well, you ?keep? low down shoulder and you ???  ??? ???
After all, things could be much worse ... {song fades out}
Track 13: I Don't Wanna Be Your Partner:
Listed "recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 20 Oct 1965." Another brief riff (1:00+), great quality, with driving guitar & piano. I'd say actually this is an early version of the I Wanna Be Your Lover tracks which (per Krogs and the Columbia session records) were cut on 5 Oct 1965. It's a tad slower than the complete versions, but, oh - the riff is infectuous (even if the 'partner' tag is kinda lame).

Track 15 - Does She Need Me I & II:
Noted as "recorded in a Glasgow hotel room, 19 May 1966." This is a longer version of what has been called On a Rainy Afternoon, the song which closes out the film Eat The Document. It carries on here for nearly an additional 3 mins, with Dylan playing and telling Robbie how it should be done. In fact, he gets almost emphatic with it as he caresses it along and makes sure that Robbie knows it gets "slower, almost twice as slow" near the ending. Fantastic sound - a nice addition to the stereo What Kind of Friend Is This? which came out on the original Genuine Bootleg Series boot CD. And we sure wish the circulating film soundtrack could have been this good, too.

Track 16 - Like a Rolling Stone:
Listed as "recorded at Royal Albert Hall, 27 May 1966." To my knowledge, this version is *different* from what has previously been in general circulation. However, I think the labeling is incorrect on this disc (i.e., this LARS is from the 26 May 1966 show). The following is a generally accurate description of what is on the GBS-Take 2 CD:

C. Heylin in "Bob Dylan: The 1966 Tour" (Record Collector, May 1996) says:

On the first Albert Hall electric set Dylan seems to have mixed up his cocktails again and is more stoned than wired........ Before the last song, which turns out to be the legendary nine-minute "Like a Rolling Stone" first mentioned by Greil Marcus in a 1969 'Rolling Stone' article (yes, it really does exist), Dylan tells the crowd that he's "loved every minute", and proceeds to introduce the Hawks for the only time on the tour, and then dedicates the song to "the Taj Mahal" before launching into one final tirade. Unfortunately, the extra two-and-a-half minutes that they devote to "Like a Rolling Stone" is merely a jam session that has more in common with "Sister Ray" ('I'm gonna take this solo, 'No, I'm gonna take this solo', etc.).

Personally, I won't vote for this as the best live version of the song. Overall, the sound is very good, and Dylan's voice is well up-front, but the instruments aren't as clear and well-mixed as in some of the other available recordings. Dylan was into the song, but his delivery doesn't seem quite as fiery as it was in Edinburgh a week earlier or in Manchester for that matter. He was tired as hell and perhaps feeling the effects of those cocktails. The closing instrumental refrain is truly a disaster (horrendous is a word that quickly comes to mind). But still I love it! Every precious minute of the whole thing. Total time for the actual song is 8:40 (sorry, no 12-min LARS here). Intros and verbal ramblings add another 1:45 on the front. At the end, there's about 30 secs of very strong (wild & appreciative?) applause as the sound fades out. Lazy listeners could hear no booing or cat-calls.

-Bob Stacy
(special thanks for the Sugaree sent halfway round the world; you know who you are)

Subject: Genuine Bootleg Series- Vol 2
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 16:35:54 -0400

If I can continue where our other friend stopped- here are a few details regarding Disc 2 of the set.

Tomorrow is A Long Time- completely different than anything I have heard before, in a completely new tempo (at least to me)- great quality also.

George Jackson- acoustic version (same as Hard to Find), too bad they didn't see fit to put elctric version on this one.

House of the Rising Sun- Bob having fun with the song, not unlike trumped up version found on Hwy 61 interactive.

Abandoned Love- from Other End, surprisingly good audience tape from that show and Bob seems to be very enthusiastic regarding performance.

Also includes the obligatory Basement Tapes material ( 4 songs) as well as a few clunkers (at least to me) like Wild Mountain Thyme from Isle of Wight. I don't think date of August 31st 1967 is right on that track!

A really fine collection- to me well worth the money spent. Coupled with #1 it makes a great overview of the career from 1960-1990 or so.

I just picked it up today, I'll post some more as soon as I listen to it some more.

From: Bob Stacy (bstacy@USIT.NET)
Subject: Gen Boot Series 2
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 07:50:23 -0400

Luke asked:
>Could those of you who have scored the new Genuine Boot Series vol. 2
>report on both the sound quality throughout and the packaging (is there a
>booklet? photos? track annotation?)?
The package configuration is identical to that used in the original Gen Boot Series set which these same folks at Scorpio put out. If anything, the photos are even better this time around (virtually all are in high gloss color). Even the individual slip covers have color pics on one side w/track annotations on the other side. The 40-page booklet contains full text of the Paul Jay Robbins interview of Dylan which appeared in the May 1965 issue of In-Beat Magazine. Many more color photos are in the booklet plus track annotations.

[This listener's opinion follows]:

To this point, I've only properly listened to disc 1 of this set and made rough comparisons to any tracks which appear on other CDs. So far, the tracks on GBS2 are equally good or superior in sound quality. For instance, I would choose "Freeze Out" off of this one versus the same track which appears on Thin Wild Mercury Music (just a preference but sure sounds better to me). The totally new material on GBS2 (disc 1) stands well-enough on its own and is all knock-your-socks-off quality. (Till I get into discs 2 & 3 and make some comparisons, I'll still reserve judgement on overall sound quality). But *nothing* I've heard to this point makes me regret my choice. And that's just what it is: *my choice*

-Bob Stacy

From: Jeff (DrJibe@MSN.COM)
Subject: The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 - what's new to CD world
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 07:11:51 UT

Some of the following tracks are listed on this CD under wrong dates and names and in the wrong order. After each track I guess whether it is new (may just be mislabled) or appears on other preexisting CDs.

CD 1:

The Two Sisters 5/60
A Long Time A-Growing   11/4/61
        - Acoustic Troubador, ?(The Dylan Roots)
Corrina, Corrina        7/9/62
        - The Freewheelin Outtakes
That's All Right Mama   11/14/62
        - The Freewheelin Outtakes
Hero Blues      12/6/62
        - 7 Years Bad Luck
Long Time Gone  3/63
        - The Witmark Years
Lay Down Your Weary Tune   10/26/63
        - Bob Dylan in Concert, Talking Too Much
Guess I'm Doin' Fine    1964
        - The Witmark Years
Mr. Tambourine Man    6/9/64
        - new
Mr. Tambourine Man   7/26/64
        - new
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue    1/13/65
        - Lonesome Sparrow Sings, 1965 Revisted
From A Buick 6  1/16/65
        - new
I Wanna Be Your Lover   10/20/65
        - new
Visions Of Johanna      11/20/65
        - Lonesome Sparrow Sings, 1965 Revisted
On A Rainy Afternoon    5/19/66
        - new
Like A Rolling Stone    5/26/66
        - new

CD 2:

I'm Not There   1967
        - The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 2
Silent Weekend  19/67
        - The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 3
A Long Time A-Growing   1967
        - The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 1
Along The Royal Canal (The Old Triangle)   1967
        - The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 5
Wild Mountain Thyme     8/31/69
        - Isle of Wight, (others)
Tomorrow Is A Long Time 6/70
        - new
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue    6/7/70
        - Masterpieces
George Jackson  11/4/71
        - Hard to Find
Goodbye Holly   1/20/73
        - Pecos Blues
House Of The Risin' Sun 11/2/73
        - new
Nobody 'Cept You        11/2/73
        - new
Tangled Up In Blue      9/16/74
        - new or ?(Vastly Original Work)
Abandoned Love  7/3/75
        - Dignity, Songs for Patty Valentine
People Get Ready        10/75
        - Hard to Find Vol 2
The Water Is Wide       3/30/76
         - new
Repossession Blues      2/1/78
        - Darkness at the Break of Noon, Moving Vilation
If You See Her, Say Hello       1/30/78
         - new
Stop Now        5/2/78
         - new
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long)        5/2/78
         - new

CD 3:

Ain't Gonna Go To Hell  4/20/80
         - Solid Rock, The Born Again Music, You Don't Know Me
Cover Down/Break Through   4/19/80
         - new
The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar  11/15/80
        - Farewell Bloomfield
Magic   4/81
         - new
Heart Of Mine   4/81
         - new
Nadine 5/29/88
         - new
We Three (My Echo,My Shadow And Me)     3/84
         - new
Almost Done     5/23/84
        - ?Dirty Lies
Almost Done     5/27/84
        - ?Dirty Lies
Freedom For The Stallion        11/84
        - new
Something's Burning Baby        11/84
        - Outside the Empire, Clean Cuts
To Fall In Love (With You)      8/27/86
        - new
Got Love If You Want It 4/87
        - Dignity
(Go Ahead Baby Go Ahead) Don't Keep Me Waiting Too Long 5/87
        - The French Girl
Everything Is Broken    3/89
        - Oh Mercy Outtakes, (others)
Born In Time    3/89
        - Oh Mercy Outtakes, (others)
Most of The Time        3/2/90
        - new
Series Of Dreams        9/8/93
        - Hard Times in Alabama, The Real  Sound

When I add up the times I get 103 minutes for those marked new out 
of total 226 minutes (or 45% new) and some may be better quality.

Corrections and additions welcomed
EDLIS Boot Advisory Agent

Subject: The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 - what's new to CD world
From: Jeff DrJibe@MSN.COM
Date: 1996/09/19

From further listening and help from others on this list I have the following updates to my original post.

Hero Blues on The Genuine Bootleg Series
Mr. Tambourine Man 6/9/64 on The Emmet Grogan Acetates
Goodbye Holly on The Genuine Bootleg Series
Nobody 'Cept You on The Genuine Bootleg Series
If You See Her, Say Hello 1/30/78 on Darkness at the Break of Noon
Most of The Time 3/2/90 - Promo CD single
Freedom for the Stallion 11/84 - Important Words (take 2)
Almost Done I - (new)
Almost Done II  - Dirty Lies (takes 2 & 3)
The 3 duplicates from the first release might explain why they named the second in the series "Take 2" instead of "Volume 2".

EDLIS Boot Advisory Agent

Subject: Identity of Most of the Time from "The Genuine Bootleg Series
From: Paul Loeber (
Date: 1996/09/11

Jeff wrote:
> Is Most of the Time from "The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2" the same 
> as the Promotional CD Columbia CSK 73326? Dundas lists from March 1990 
> 3 versions of Most of the Time. One complete, one incomplete, and an 
> edited version of the 2 for a promotional video. The track time on "The 
> Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2" is 4:56.

The one on the bootleg is taken from the promotional CD.

From: (John Howells)
Subject: Genuine Bootleg Series II
Date: 16 Sep 1996 22:34:57 GMT

Just got through listening to the entire Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2
and here are my impressions.

CD One
1. The Two Sisters 5/60

   From the Karen Wallace "samples" tape, a tape she was trying to use
   to sell the original tape to the highest bidder. This tape has been
   in circulation for some years now, although not as wide as the
   "armpit" tape. The quality of this song is good, as is the rest of
   the short sample tape.

2. Long-a-Growin 4/11/61

   From the Carnegie Chapter Hall concert 11/4/61 (the date above
   is wrong). No real reason for this to be here. It appears on
   at least one other CD boot - "Acoustic Troubador". Perhaps it's
   here to show contrast with the later version of the same song
   from the Basement Tapes.
3. Corrina, Corrina 4/24-25/62

   As far as I can tell, the same acoustic version that's been
   available for many years now. I can't tell any significant

4. That's Allright Mama 4/14/62

   An acetate from the Freewheelin' sessions. Long available.

5. Hero Blues 12/6/62

   Another Freewheelin' outtake, in circulation for some time now.

6. Long Time Gone, Witmark demo

   Long available Witmark demo.

7. Lay Down Your Weary Tune 10/20/63
   Carnegie Hall, 10/26/63 actually. Long available as part of the
   projected live album "Bob Dylan In Concert". From acetate.

8. Guess I'm Doing Fine, Witmark demo

   Another Witmark demo, long available.

9. Mr. Tambourine Man  6/9/64 (w/ Jack Elliott)

   From the Emmett Grogan acetates, this is a recently circulated
   take from the "Another Side" sessions. 

10. Mr. Tambourine Man, Newport 7/26/64 

   To my knowledge, never previously available. Sounds great!

11. It's All Over Now Baby Blue 1/13/65

   The usual outtake. Wrong date. Should be 1/15/65, I think. Long

13. Lunatic Princess Revisited 6/16/65 

   Something new! Too bad it's only a snippet.

14. I Don't Want to be Your Partner 10/20/65 

   This is new. Early take of what was to become "I Wanna Be Your Lover". 
   Still needed work, but not bad. Incomplete.

15. Freeze Out 11/20/65

   The so-called fast version. The sound seems to be slightly improved
   here. Also appears on a few different CDs prior to this.

16. Does She Need Me 1 & 2 5/19/66 

   Another new one. One of the highlights of this collection. Dylan and
   Robertson work out this new song. Dylan sounds very much like he
   would on the Basement Tapes.

17. Like A Rolling Stone 5/27/66 

   Is this 5/27 or 5/26? Either way, it's outstanding and another
   highlight of the collection. Never previously circulated, this is
   the legendary 9 minute "Rolling Stone" with Dylan introducing the
   band and calling them poets. The song is dedicated to the Taj Mahal.
   Dylan sounds very stoned and the ending goes on a little longer than
   usual, but it's not really a jam or series of solos. It's really 
   just the band vamping on the ending until signalled by Bob to end it.
   There is a lot of applause at the end, so I guess he won over the
   audience after all.

Disc Two

1. I'm Not There 1967

   Improved quality from any previous Basement Tapes collection. This
   is the best so far. Official release quality.

2. Silent Weekend 1967

   The track listing is confused here and lists the first four songs
   on this disc in the wrong order. This is the correct location.
   Another improved sound.

3. Long-A-Growin 1967

   Sounds like an improvement in sound to me.

4. Banks of the Royal Canal 1967

   A MAJOR sound improvement. Vocals are clearer and the instruments are

5. Wild Mountain Time 8/31/69

   No reason for this to be here. It's an audience recording, long
   available. I never much cared for this version anyhow. 

6. Tomorrow is a Long Time 6/70 

   New! One of the highlights of the collection. Ever since Clinton
   Heylin described this in his book, I've been dying to hear it.
   This version came very close to being released on "New Morning".
   I think it should have been. 

7. Spanish is the Loving Tongue 6/70 

   New!!! This is the same take as on the single, but it's in stereo
   for the first time *AND* there is a bass guitar that was cut out
   of the original mix. Possibly the bass was overdubbed later.

8. George Jackson 11/4/71 

   As far as I can tell, this is the single version.

9. Goodbye Holly 1/20/73

   Didn't this make it to the last Genuine Bootleg Series? I don't hear
   anything different. Long available.

10. House of the Rising Sun 11/2/73 

   New!!! Incomplete take. It seems like a warmup. Slightly hissy.

11. Nobody 'Cept You 11/2/73 

   New? I can't really tell. It sounds like the other two takes that
   we've already heard. I confess I haven't compared them all yet.

12. Tangled up in Blue 9/16/74

   The BOTT original version. Nothing new here.

13. Abandoned Love 7/3/75

   The live debut of this song. Good sound quality, but long available.

14. People Get Ready 10/75

   This date can't be right. It's supposed to come from the 1976 SIR
   rehearsals. Sounds more like the version from the Renaldo & Clara
   promo EP.

15. The Water is Wide 3/30/76 

   I don't think this is new. The "Sign Language" session tapes have
   been in circulation for some time now.

16. Repossession Blues 2/1/78

   Long available. Excellent sound quality, though.

17. If You See Her Say Hello 1/30/78

   Also long available, but the sound here may be an improvement.

18. Stop Now 2, 5/2/78 

   New! A slower version of the same song. Sound not that hot.

19. Coming From The Heart 5/2/78 

   New! Not so good sound, but nice to hear anyway.

Disc Three
1. Ain't Gonna Go to Hell 4/20/80

   Excellent sound. Available for some time.

2. Cover Down, Break Through 4/19/80

   Excellent sound, and also available for sometime.

3. Groom Still Waiting at the Altar 11/15/80

   This is a live version with Mike Bloomfield. Excellent sound. Already
   available before this.

4. Magic 4/81

   This song appeared on the "work tape", long before we found out that
   it was part of the "Shot of Love" sessions. This is a complete and
   virtually finished take. I don't think this has circulated before,
   but I could be wrong. 

5. Heart of Mine 4/81

   As far as I can tell, the same version that was originally intended
   to be on the album and appearing on the rough mix tape.

6. Nadine 2/16/83 (PA w/ Levon Helm, etc.)

   Hmmm, a PA tape! Where is the rest of this? I've only heard audience
   tapes from this gig, and there was nothing to indicate that the band
   sounded this good. This is great stuff. New, as far as I know.

7. We Three 3/84 (Malibu home recording)

   Is this part of the Plugz tape? I never bothered to hear it, so I
   don't know. New, as far as I know.

8. Almost Done 1, 5/23/84

   From the rehearsal tape at the Beverly Theatre. Long available.

9. Almost Done 2, 5/27/84

   Now, this sounds like a PA tape. Is there really a Verona PA tape
   in circulation? I didn't know of one. New, as far as I know.

10. Freedon for the Stallion 11/84

   Sound is muddy, but this may or may not be yet another take. It
   sounds virtually complete and worked out.

11. Something's Burning Baby 11/84

   New!!!!! Longer version with alternate lyrics. I'm sure this has
   never circulated before.

12. To Fall in Love with You 8/27-28/86 

   Supposedly a newly circulated recording, but I don't know. The
   Hearts of Fire sessions have been available for some time. If this
   is something different, I'd like to know for sure.

13. Got Love if You Want it 4/87

   Taken from the original promo version of "Down in the Groove".
   The sound is as good as it gets.

14. Don't Keep Me Waiting Too Long 5/87

   From the Grateful Dead tour rehearsals. Sound is excellent. May
   be an improvement.

15. Everthing's Broken 3/89

   Originally called "Broken Days". Same version that circulates as part
   of the "Oh Mercy" sessions, as far as I can tell. Possible sound

16. Born in Time 3/89

   Again, probably the same as appears on the "Oh Mercy" sessions tape.
   Could be a sound upgrade.

17. Most of the Time 3/2/90

   Now this one I'm still not sure of. It could be a different take than
   the one that appears on the promo. Anybody know for sure?

18. Series of Dreams 9/8/93

   Live PA version from Wolf Trap. The live debut, but unfortunately not
   a very good version. In fact, almost unlistenable. Still, excellent
   sound. May be an improvement over any previously circulating Wolf
   Trap 9/8/93 soundboard.

All in all, a much better collection than GBS Volume 1. I thought that
collection more or less sucked. This one is different and well worth


                                                           John Howells

Subject: Genuine Bootleg Series II
From: (Seth Kulick)
Date: 1996/09/18

In article <51kkmh$>,
John Howells  wrote:
>Just got through listening to the entire Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2
>and here are my impressions.
>6. Nadine 2/16/83 (PA w/ Levon Helm, etc.)
>   Hmmm, a PA tape! Where is the rest of this? I've only heard audience
>   tapes from this gig, and there was nothing to indicate that the band
>   sounded this good. This is great stuff. New, as far as I know.

I haven't heard the CD yet, but could this be from May 1988, when Dylan
showed up at a Levon gig at the Lone Star and did Nadine and The Weight,
both of which are circulating, and which sounds like a PA recording?

Subject: Genuine Bootleg Series II
From: "M.Cakebread" (cake@IONLINE.NET)
Date: 1996/09/19

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996 09:24:52 -0700
John Howells  wrote:
Subject: Re: Genuine Bootleg Series II
>Ben Taylor wrote:
>> John Howells  writes:
>> >1. Ain't Gonna Go to Hell 4/20/80
>> >
>> >   Excellent sound. Available for some time.
>> >
>> >2. Cover Down, Break Through 4/19/80
>> >
>> >   Excellent sound, and also available for sometime.
>> What songs are circulating in hi-fi stereo soundboard quality from the
>> Toronto 1980 residency? I thought it was only the ones as released on
>> the "Solid Rock" bootleg CD (less the non-Dylan performances)?
>I found out later that I was hasty in my assumption that "Cover Down"
>from the 19th has been previously available in soundboard quality.
>However, I'm going to suggest that the notes are wrong for the CD
>and that "Cover Down" is actually taken from 4/20/80. I didn't
>compare because I just assumed it was the usual stuff we already
>had. I'll try to make the comparison soon, but if anyone beats me
>to it...
This version is definitely not from the 20th as far as I can tell. The back-up singers come in during the intro on the version on GBS Take 2. They don't on the 20th. You can hear a brief second of "Cover Down" at the end of "Ain't Gonna Go..." from the 20th though. I haven't heard anything from the 19th so this is just from what I heard from my copies of the 20th and GBS Take 2. I could be wrong?


Subject: I Can't Leave Her Behind
From: Jeff (DrJibe@MSN.COM)
Date: 1996/09/11

>Date:    Wed, 11 Sep 1996 02:30:09 -0400
>From:    Brian James 
>Subject: I Can't Leave Her Behind
>Hello--I was wondering if the 1966 hotel performance of I Can't Leave
>Her Behind has been included on any other boot besides Genuine
>B.Series vol 2? Maybe as filler---
This is the first time that these takes from this hotel session has appeared on CD. The Genuine Bootleg Series contained "What Kind Of Friend Is This?" from the same hotel session.

The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 calls this track "Does She Need Me I & II". Previous postings to r.m.d. have placed this as "On a Rainy Afternoon".

Both "On a Rainy Afternoon" and "I Can't Leave Her Behind" are listed for this session in Dundas and Krogsgaard.

"On A Rainy Afternoon" has appeared previously on The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 5.

"I Can't Leave Her Behind" has not appeared previouslyon CD.

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