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1. What is EDLIS Parties & Gatherings?
2. When and where do the gatherings take place?
3. What do I need to do?
4. What is a rec.music.dylan flower?
5. Are there regular meetings of Dylan fans in my area?

1. What is EDLIS Tickets & Rides?
2. How can I buy tickets or sell extras? How can I organize a carpool?

1. Isis' Meeting Announcements and Classifieds
2. John Nye's Bob Dylan Network


1. What is EDLIS Parties & Gatherings?

EDLIS Parties & Gatherings consists of Dylan fans from all over the 'Net (and the world) who are interested in meeting other fans. They often plan to meet before and after concerts, although the gatherings are certainly not restricted to when and where Dylan performs. Regular meetings, as well as special Dylan-inspired events, are common in cities and towns throughout the world.

A few Dylan fans have volunteered to serve as contacts to help people attending the same shows, and/or living in the same areas, to get in touch with one another. However, those wishing to meet up are responsible for planning the gatherings, including choosing the places to meet, deciding upon meeting times, and providing directions to the meeting places. EDLIS Parties & Gatherings will help out as much as possible; please do not hesitate to use our resources.

2. When and where do the gatherings take place?

The location and starting time of the gatherings are entirely up to those planning them. However, unless otherwise specified, all pre-concert lunches will commence at 12:30, pre-concert drinks at  18:00 (6:00 pm), and apres concert drinks immediately after the concert. Should the apres gathering place close early, people often go to a hotel bar where concert-goers are staying.

Some find just purchasing concert tickets, cadging rides, and sleeping on people's floors is still a strain on their budgets. In the past it has not been uncommon for people to come to a rec.music.dylan lunch already having eaten, and simply having a drink or two. Little enough expense, but you get the same meeting and chatting and trading of interesting illegal aurally-stimulating objects. :-)

3. What do I need to do?

Dylan enthusiasts wishing to meet up are responsible for planning the gatherings, but EDLIS Parties & Gatherings Agents are very willing to help. All planned gatherings should be posted at the EDLIS Parties & Gatherings notice board, just click on Emergency Information there.
(Use their subject header conventions so your post is clearly dated, for example 20031225 12:30 Santa's Cafe North Pole.)

If you will be attending an upcoming Dylan concert and there is not already a rec.music.dylan gathering planned for before and after the show, why not plan one? It doesn't take a lot of organization, just a suggestion of a cafe, pub, restaurant, or other eatery/drinkery nearby the concert venue. Give the EDLIS Parties & Gatherings Agent the address and telephone of this meeting spot, and also post it on their notice board so it is viewable immediately by anyone. Directions, hours of operation, and any other information about the gathering place are always appreciated by all who plan to attend.

If you will be attending a gathering, always telephone and check all is in order. Sometimes a venue is arranged for somewhere that is closed. Reassure yourself the place exists. Sometimes a place is chosen that is not open at the required time or day, but the organizers have noticed and left a message of an alternate gathering. Telephone and check, it does no harm and might be informative.

If you see a planned gathering place which looks foolish to you -- too far from the venue, gone downhill recently, or something similar -- please advise parties@edlis.org and suggest a more sensible place. Same goes if you are under the legal drinking age -- if the gatherings are planned for bars aand you worry about getting in, please let us know. It is quite possible there are others in your situation.

4. What is a rec.music.dylan flower?

It is customary to wear a flower so that others from rec.music.dylan can recognize you. The type and colour of flower is entirely up to you, as is where you wear it. Most choose to wear a red rose or carnation on their lapel. Any kind, colour, and flavour will do, we have seen sweet red roses, dried wilted carnations, even large bouquets of every flower imaginable! Be inventive! For some informative and stimulating posts relating to the rec.music.dylan flower, check out Blind Willie's EDLIS Things Twice.

Highly recommended! Even if you cannot attend the gatherings, do wear a flower. It will make it a lot easier for other rec.music.dylan'ers to recognize you, and for you to recognize them. It is also a very good conversation piece... while rec.music.dylan'ers will recognize you by it, and others not in-the-know have been known to inquire about it.

5. Are there regular meetings of Dylan fans in my area?


Even if Bob Dylan is not currently performing in your area, this does not necessarily mean that Dylan enthusiasts are not meeting up. There are regular gatherings in all corners of the world... Austria, Canada, England, the United States, and Germany, to name just a few. Dylan cannot be everywhere, but there is no reason for rec.music.dylan'ers not to meet up. I assume nobody will forget the famous Never-Beginning Tour in the summer of 1997? Dylan did not show, but the gatherings went forward with quite high attendance, attending concerts and queuing for stage lip did not come into it so everything was much more relaxed and no one left anything early or arrived late.

Dylan fans currently meet on a regular basis in the following areas:


Melbourne, Australia

Cornish Arms Hotel, 163A Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria 3056. Melbourne BOB DYLAN Birthday Bash...May birthday celebrations (1997-)
03 9380 8383 

Sydney, Australia.
Dylan meetings, third Monday of each month, 7pm. County Clare Hotel, 20 Broadway, near Railway Square and Central Station. Video, audio, news, drink, chat, live music and swapping stuff. Since 1992 the Dylan gang endures across the swamp of time. Visitor's welcome. Contact Peter Cox. (02) 95547383. Email: peterco@phm.gov.au


Plankenstein Castle, Lower Austria

The Annual Austrian Bob Dylan Festival (1979-    ) is held each May at Plankenstein Castle in Lower Austria (about 120km/80 miles west of Vienna). The festival usually spans from Friday to Monday, and includes music and guest speakers. Former speakers include Michael Gray (1995), Paul Williams (1996), and Stephen Scobie (1997). For more information, see the 1997 and 1999 [no longer available at http://www.cso.net/koehler/festival/] webpages.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nothing very organised or regular but meetings do take place. Ask for an update from emmike@idirect.com

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The gathering of a Bob Dylan group known as the "Trainload of Fools" meets monthly in Victoria, British Columbia. This group has been meeting since 1986, and gathers to view videos (old and new), listen to a wide range of recordings. and have discussions on a wide range of topics. Past meetings have included guest speakers Paul Williams and Bill Strange. Examples of topics for discussion in the past include "Shot of Love" and "Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts." For more information about "Trainload of Fools" and/or the next gathering, e-mail Eric.

Birmingham, England
Bob Dylan meetings in Birmingham take place at THE OLD MOSELEY ARMS on the second Thursday of each month. The 'Old Mo' is in Tindal Street, Balsall Heath B12 9LP, just off the A435 Moseley Road. 0121 440 1954. (Used to be on the second Tuesday of each month.)
martin@mpmcgowan.freeserve.co.uk 0121 434 3025

Bolton, England
The Buskers Ball runs Bob Dylan tribute nights every six months or so, in which the entire night is dedicated to Dylan songs. This group also runs regular weekly gigs in which musicians/singer-songwriters/poets comedians are welcome to come and 'do their thing'. There is high Dylan content at all these sessions. For more information, see their website [no longer available at http://www.zen.co.uk/home/page/busker/], or e-mail busker@zen.co.uk [bounced 20030703].

Bournemouth, England
Anyone interested in more educated rap? Contact: Paul Wright, Flat 1, 32B Crabton Close Road, Bournemouth BH5 1HN

Brighton, England
Monthly gatherings at the Evening Star pub, near Brighton Station. First Tuesday of each month at 8:30 pm. For more details, e-mail Hepcat@albion4.clara.co.uk OR Brighton - regular meetings for Bob Dylan Fans on the 3rd Tuesday in each month at the Evening Star pub, surrey St, Brighton (opposite station) at 8.30. For details 'phone Colin on (01273) 602834.

Bristol, England
Would anyone be interested in forming a local network in the Bristol area? If so email me at andrew@edgington.fsbusiness.co.uk.

Cambridge, England
Super venue for our meetings at The Golden Hind, Milton Road, Cambridge. Meetings on the last Friday of every odd month. For information 'phone John on 01480 468726.

Croydon/South London, England
Seeing as everyone is at it...are there any Bob appreciations in Croydon/South London. Were you at Bescanon or there when he did 'I'll Remember You' at Lyon or first night Prague 1995? Was it magic, want to talk about it? Do you dig Bob's 'Train A-Travelin' and want to do something? Contact: Sandy, 15a Northwood Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 8HU. Tel: 0181-653-4596.

Hastings, East Sussex, England
If you're within driving distance of Hastings, why not join the regular meetings of Obviously Believers? Come for a drink & a chat...We also have group 'outings' to Dylan-related events in London! 'Phone Paula Radice, (01424)-460878, for details.

Langport, Somerset, England
For meetings in the Somerset area, talks & tape swapping etc. contact: Patrice, Willow Tree Cottage, Pitney, Langport, Somerset TA10 9AS.

Leeds/Bradford, Yorkshire, England
We still have irregular / informal meetings, anyone interested contact me on 01274 494602.

Manchester, England
Manchester's excellent area meeting is still on the last Saturday of every odd month at the 'Castle' on Oldham Street. You really should not miss it; we have live music, good ale and the best landlady in Manchester.

Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Tyneside Dylan Meetings. Last Thursday of every month at "The Bridge." (The Bridge Hotel, Castle Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 1RQ  0191 232 7780) Newcomers welcome. Ring Ged on 0191-289-4153. gedkeilty@hotmail.com

Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Are there any existing area meetings in the Swindon area? If not, how about setting one up. Write: Pat Bradley, 3 Miller Close, Swindon, Wilts SN5 9TN.

Tiverton/South Molton, Devon, England
Any existing Dylan meetings or interest in setting up a meeting in the Tiverton/South Molton area of Devon or within easy travelling distance of same? Contact: Ken Cruickshank, 12 Walsingham Road, St. Andrews, Bristol BS6 5BT.


Fontainbleau (Paris area meeting), France
We have called ourselves “Les Dylanès” and have had regular meetings for SIX years now. The menu varies all the time: music -small talk -serious talk - lectures -videos - burgundy or claret - organising trips to shows and more, anyone interested please contact Alain 01 60 72 12 81.


Thüringen [Erfurt] and Nordrhein-Westphalen, Germany There are now two local area meetings in Germany, one of which is still in its early planning stage. 

Bob Dylan fans and collectors wishing to meet others of like mind on a monthly basis in central Germany should contact Simon Kendal on 0361 6700 566 or 0361745 8097. We meet in The Dubliner pub on the Angerbrünnen in Erfurt at 20:00 on the last Thursday of each month. Fans of Van Morrison, Richard Thompson, Neil Young etc. are most welcome to join us. For up to date information ask EDLIS' UncleM@bigfoot.de  [bounced 20030704]


Calcutta, India
Lou Majaw, Nandon Bagchi, Arjun Sen, Lew Hilt and Jeffrey Menezes.  Night Junta of Calcutta. "... it was 2 hours of best live performances I have ever seen in Calcutta... They performed a series of numbers from Bob Dylan's extensive repertoire... Lou was just fascinating...Frankly, I hardly had any clue of any lyrics, but suprisingly sometimes I was shouting at the top of my voice, "Everybody must get stoned" with the crowd... Probably, thats the magic of his music... "


Holon, Israel
Any Dylan fans here in the Promised Land who would like to make contact? If so please contact: Dave Thomas, 2 Sheshet Hayamim St., Holon. 58492, Israel.


Agria IME, near Spiazzi, Italy

Annual Bob Dylan event in May, for an update ask krizia5@libero.it Rossella 08976704065
dylandoriano@virgilio.it Doriano Righelli 045639 5175

Gargnano, Garda Lake, Italy
Dear Bob Dylan Italian friends, we are two Bob Dylan enthusiasts that would organise a Dylan meeting in our hotel to see videos, listen to audios and trade them. We'll chat about Dylan news, drink and eat something together. If anyone is interested please contact us at the following address: Arosio, Hotel Gardenia, Via Colletta 57, 25084 Gargnano (BS) Italy. Fax: 0365/72594. Tel: (only for Italy) 0365/40941. (one pranzo)


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ask for an update on occasional irregular meetups from nagchampas@yahoo.com


Mo i Rana, Norway
Mo i Rana is known as Bob Dylan City in Norway, all citizens are fans, many are serious collectors. The party is 24 hours a day 366 days a year. Ask karlerik@monet.no for details.

Oslo, Norway
Bob Dylan meeting in Oslo, Norway. Dates: Twice a year. Place: Two Dogs Pub. Address: Brugt 5. Time: Approx 18.30. Video, quiz, discussions, drinks a.s.o. More info on: http://bobdylan.norge.cc/ or email: bobdylan@c2i.net


Glasgow, Scotland
Any Dylan meetings in Glasgow to discuss recordings, books, bootlegs, video's?  If so, phone John on 0141 558 0719 or email johnjob1957@b.t.com  [bounced 20030704]


Buffalo, New York
Annual Bob Dylan Imitator's Contest (1988-    ) at downtown Buffalo's Nietzsche's Bar, 248 Allen Street, Buffalo, New York 14201-1324, 716 886-8539. cseaton61@yahoo.com

Duluth, Minnesota

Join in the celebration of Bob Dylan's birthday each year at the Armory Arts & Music Center (London Road & 13th Avenue East, down from Walgreens) where Bob Dylan saw Buddy Holly in 1959 three days before the plane crash. Call 728-0363. "...and I just want to say that when I was sixteen or seventeen years old, I went to see Buddy Holly play at Duluth National Guard Armory and I was three feet away from him...and he LOOKED at me. And I just have some sort of feeling that he was -- I don't know how or why --but I know he was with us all the time we were making this record in some kind of way. (Grammy acceptance speech, 1998) http://www.armorycenter.org/

Florence, Alabama

ZimBash is an annual homage to Dylan and all he has given us. It started in Boston in 1992 -- founded by Jeffrey Tennessen and Marco Bisaccio -- and has since moved to Florence, Alabama. It is held on or around Dylan's birthday (24 May). Florence is in the NW corner of Alabama, about 1 hour drive from Huntsville.). Past years' activities have included:

    • Music
    • Videos (Don't Look Back, 30th Anniversary, MTV Unplugged, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Hearts of Fire, The Last Waltz, etc.)
    • Costumes (encouraged, but not required)
    • Live performances of Dylan songs
    • Original songs
    • Food/Drink (including birthday cake)
    • Drama (see below)
    • Trivia games
For more information, e-mail jjt@hiwaay.net

Hibbing, Minnesota

Astonishing numbers of fans gather in Hibbing in May of each year, why not join them? Ask for an update from

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Annual Bob Dylan contest at the 400 Bar. raystiles@juno.com  [bounced 20030704]

Missoula, Montana

Each year, there is a Bob Dylan birthday costume party in Missoula, Montana. The costumes should be based upon one of the following:
    • 1) Dylan album title or cover art;
    • 2) Dylan song title;
    • 3) Character or object or thought from a Dylan song.
For more information, contact abe@hotmail.com [bounced 20030703]
Las Vegas, Nevada
The Highway 61 group meets regularly at the Castle, 650 West Sunset Road, Henderson. For up to date information, contact wrdworks@ix.netcom.com [bounced 20030702] or Rod Belford at (702) 220-9194.

Red Bank, New Jersey

Annual Bob Fest (1999-    ) in May each year at The Downtown Cafe, 8 West Front Street, Red Bank, New Jersey or the Celtic Cottage 608 Second Avenue Long Branch. (732) 229 2123 amasterthief@hotmail.com [bounced 20030704] Order the Bob Dylan On The Road Again Special, three different types of seaweed, each a different shade of green, and brown rice and a very dark wiener. Served with a light dressing, to draw out the flavor of the seaweed itself.

Rochester, New York

Colorblind James Experience Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash in May each year at The Horizontal Boogie Bar (formerly The Warehouse) in Rochester 546-8508. jojw@troi.cc.rochester.edu

Syracuse, New York

Each year, there is a Bob Dylan birthday bash in Syracuse on 24 May. About a dozen different music acts are invited to perform their own interpretations of favorite Dylan songs. The show ends up being a varied mix of styles, with the only restriction being: No Dylan imitators! Before the live acts, Dylan videos are often shown. For more information, contact

Providence, Rhode Island

Annual Bob Dylan Night (1997-    ). Patrick's Pub, 381 Smith Street, (near the State House. John Larson 726-6018.

Seattle, Washington
Annual Bob Dylan Holiday Choir 1992-
Westlake Center's fountain @ 4th Ave & Pine
Each year fans gather to share holiday cheer with the shopping masses by singing beloved Bob Dylan songs to the melodies of beloved Christmas carols. Join in as we entertain the crowds with "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" sung to the tune of "Little Town of Bethlehem," "The Times They Are A-Changin'" to the tune of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful," and "Don't Think Twice" to the tune of "Deck the Halls." If you don't sing you can still enjoy the crowd as they entertain us with such exclamations as "Oh, yeah Dylan! He's that old dude like the Beatles." Report from 1997 [no longer available at http://www.halcyon.com/anitar/eventrep/dylan97.html] For more information, contact jrack@jps.net [bounced 20030703] or Sinus Rob, 206 322-6834.


International Bob Dylan conventions take place every few years in various places in the United Kingdom.

Northampton 2004
Northampton 2003
Northampton 2002
Manchester May 2001
Northampton March 2001
Manchester 1998
Leicester 1992
Manchester 1990
Manchester 1979

This is by no means a complete list. If there is a group in your area that gathers for Dylan-related discussion/activities which is not listed above, please contact
Information here was gathered from many sources including:
John Nye's Bob Dylan Network
Isis' Adverising Signs

If there is not already a group of Dylan fans in your area which meets regularly, why not organize one? Post your interest in forming a group of Dylan enthusiasts (as well as your home city/town) on the UseNet Newsgroup rec.music.dylan. After making plans, please inform EDLIS Parties & Gatherings of the gathering details, and of course post to the notice board.


1. What is EDLIS Tickets & Rides?

EDLIS Tickets & Rides recognizes that for every Dylan concert, there are fans scrambling for much-desired tickets, and other fans with spare tickets who are in the need of buyers. In addition, there are fans attending the concerts who are looking to carpool to and from the show with others from their area. (Not only is this both monetarily and ecologically sound, but it is also an excellent way to meet other Dylan fans in your area.) EDLIS Tickets & Rides aims to provide assistance to all such Dylan fans.

2. How can I request needed tickets or advertise spare ones? How can I organize a carpool?

When you hear about a Dylan show you wish to attend, there are often several ways you can purchase tickets. For most shows, these include: at the box office, through a ticket agency (e.g. Ticketmaster), and by mail order (note: mail order is currently only available for US shows). Further information regarding concert dates and ticket sale dates can be found on Bill Pagel's Bob Dates. Concert dates can also be found on the official Bob Dylan website, bobdylan.com.

Between the time when tickets go on sale and the date of the concert, there are often people who find themselves with spare tickets. Alternately, others are looking to purchase tickets. EDLIS Tickets & Rides offers a free automated ticket and ride co-ordination for Dylan fans to advertise spare concert tickets, request tickets, or offer to carpool with other Dylan fans. Simply go to the Pool during a tour to post your offer/request, or to read about ticket and ride offers/requests posted by others.

No real Dylan fan would charge more than face value plus standard additional charges such as Ticketmaster charges for a ticket. EDLIS Tickets & Rides is strongly opposed to scalping.

Note that in if you are looking for tickets and are unable to find any before the concert, you may still want to consider attending. Try showing up early at the venue. There are often fans at the door selling tickets they cannot use. And other opportunities might avail themselves. Fans get upgrades and end up with too many tickets, people don't show who have others holding tickets for them. . .

Last, but not least, enjoy the shows and meet new people!